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Distance Selling Agreement




ADDRESS: Teşvikiye Mah. Poyracık St. Astoria Apt. No:45 D:27A Şişli/İstanbul

PHONE: 0 (530) 920 7898


1.2. BUYER 






The subject of this Agreement is the sale and delivery of the product(s) that the CUSTOMER ordered electronically from the website and whose code, name, quantity and sales price are specified in the invoice in Article 3, published in the Official Gazette on 27.11.2014. It is to determine the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502 and the Distance Contracts Regulation.



The main features of the goods or services are available at . It is the sales price listed for the products and announced on the site. Announced prices and campaigns will remain valid until updated or changed. Prices announced periodically will be valid until the end of the specified period. All taxes of the goods or services subject to the contract are included in the sales price and published on the site.


Delivery address :

Person to be Delivered:

Billing Information :

Once the ordered product or products are supplied by Sohaf, the shipment will begin within 3-5 business days, depending on the category. Shipping is free for all orders placed on the website and the shipping fee will be paid by the SELLER.


Payment for the purchased products will be made in cash or by credit card. For this reason, no delay interest is applied by the SELLER.


4.1. On the website, you can read the preliminary information regarding the basic characteristics of the product subject to the contract, the sales price and payment method including all taxes, the delivery and the fact that its expenses will be covered by the BUYER, the period in which the delivery will be made, and the full commercial name, full address and contact information of the SELLER and ensure that it is accurate and accurate. He declares that he has complete information and has given the necessary confirmation electronically.

4.2. The product or service subject to the contract is delivered to the BUYER or the person/organization at the address indicated within the period specified in the preliminary information on the website, depending on the distance of the BUYER's residence for each product, provided that it does not exceed the legal 30-day period. Any shipping fee related to the delivery shown in Article 3 will be covered by the SELLER and will not be reflected in the BUYER's invoice for his order under the name "Shipping Fee" and is included in the product price.

4.3. If the product subject to the contract is to be delivered to a person/organization other than the BUYER, the SELLER cannot be held responsible if the person/organization to be delivered does not accept the delivery.

4.4. The SELLER cannot be held responsible for the ordered product not being delivered to the BUYER due to any problems that the cargo company may encounter during the delivery of the product to the BUYER. Even if the BUYER is not present at the address at the time of delivery, the SELLER will be deemed to have fulfilled its obligation fully and completely. For this reason, the BUYER will bear any damages arising from the BUYER's late receipt of the product and the expenses incurred due to the product being kept in the cargo company and/or returning the cargo to the SELLER.

4.5. In case the payment for the service(s) subject to the contract is made by the BUYER by credit card, any legal risk that may arise from the difference between the BUYER and the credit card owner or the person to whom the service will be provided, including the unfair and unlawful use of the credit card by unauthorized persons, It belongs to the BUYER. BUYER accepts and undertakes that he/she will not make any claims against SELLER in case he/she suffers any damage in the mentioned cases.

4.6. If a repair is requested for the product, the periods specified in the Consumer Law and relevant regulations apply.

4.7. The SELLER may supply a different product of equal quality and price to the BUYER before the contractual performance obligation expires, provided that it is based on a justified reason.

4.8. If the SELLER cannot deliver the product subject to the contract within the deadline due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances such as adverse weather conditions that prevent transportation or interruption of transportation, the SELLER is obliged to notify the BUYER of the situation. In this case, the BUYER may exercise one of his rights to cancel the order, replace the product subject to the contract with a comparable product, if any, and/or postpone the delivery period until the hindering situation disappears. If the BUYER cancels the order, the amount paid will be refunded within 10 days according to the payment method in the order.

4.9. The delivery of a collected order reserves the right to change the intermediary cargo company for end users without any notice, unless there is a temporary disruption.

4.10. After the delivery of the product, due to the unfair or unlawful use of the BUYER's credit card, bank card, debit card and/or other payment systems offered on the Website by unauthorized persons, which is not due to the BUYER's fault, the relevant bank or financial institution charges the product price to the SELLER. In case of failure to pay, the BUYER is obliged to return the relevant product to the SELLER within 3 (three) days, provided that it has been delivered to him. In this case, shipping costs belong to the BUYER.

4.11. Once the package is received, it is deemed that the delivery company has fulfilled its duty properly. Therefore, packages found to be damaged during delivery should not be accepted and a report should be kept.


5.1. Products offered for sale on are subject to change within 15 days. At , the right of return cannot be used except for defective products. The right of withdrawal for products offered for sale on can only be used for products with a manufacturing defect. BUYER has the right to withdraw from the contract if there is a defect in the product within seven days after receiving the goods. In order for the refund to be made in accordance with the general communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law No. 385, the BUYER must complete and correctly fill in the return sections at the bottom of the 2 invoices belonging to the SELLER delivered with the goods, then sign and send one copy to the SELLER along with the product and the other copy. must keep it under his/her responsibility. The right of withdrawal period starts from the day the goods are delivered to the BUYER. The return shipping cost of the returned product or products must be covered by the BUYER.

There is no right of withdrawal for goods prepared in line with the BUYER's wishes and/or his personal needs. The right of return cannot be exercised when products are produced in accordance with special requests and demands, or have been personalized by making changes or additions, or are generally non-refundable due to their nature. Products offered for sale on are subject to special exchange/return conditions. The products offered for sale on are produced individually upon order, in line with special requests and demands, and the right of withdrawal can only be used for products with a manufacturing defect. If the BUYER exercises his right of withdrawal, the SELLER will return the total price received and any documents that put the consumer in debt, if any, within ten days from the receipt of the invoice containing the withdrawal notification together with the product, without incurring any costs to the consumer.

The Customer cannot exercise his right of withdrawal in contracts regarding the delivery of any of the following products:

  1. Contracts for goods specially prepared in line with the customer's wishes or personal needs.
  2. Goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; Contracts regarding the delivery of those whose return is not suitable in terms of health and hygiene. After Delivery, the Customer may check the products by handling them to determine their condition, features and functions. Acceptable handling of products is a reasonably acceptable process in stores. If the Customer's review action goes beyond the acceptable reasonable level and the products are damaged or their value decreases, the SELLER may offset this difference from the refund to be made to the BUYER during the exercise of the right of withdrawal, or the BUYER may pay an amount equivalent to the decreased value of the products to the SELLER. may have to pay. BUYER; must return the products to the SELLER together with their original packages, instructions and other documents. In any case, when returning the product, the BUYER must send the invoice received when the product was delivered or the relevant document required by the e-invoice/e-archive legislation together with the product.

You can return products that you think have a manufacturing defect within 30 days from the date of delivery. Products that are thought to have a manufacturing defect will be checked by the manufacturers and a decision will be made to return them. Since the control process depends on the manufacturing companies, the completion of the return process is subject to the companies' processes.

After your order cancellation request is approved, if the payment for the BUYER's order has been taken from your credit card, a refund will be made to the BUYER's card. Repayments vary depending on the bank's internal processes and delays may occur. These situations must be followed by the BUYER through his bank. In addition, refunds of installment payments are made in installments in accordance with bank processes.

When your return request is approved, your refund fee is automatically refunded to the credit card used for the purchase.

Receipt of the refund to your card varies depending on the internal processes of the relevant bank and delays may occur. We kindly ask you to follow up these situations through your bank. In addition, refunds of installment payments are made in installments in accordance with bank processes. If you return the purchases you made from , the refund fee is refunded only to the payment method you preferred and the payment instrument you used when creating the order.

The decrease in the value of the delivered goods or the existence of a reason that makes return impossible does not prevent the exercise of the right of withdrawal. However, if the decrease in value or the impossibility of return is due to the fault of the consumer, the seller must compensate the value of the goods or the decrease in value.


The privacy rules-policy and conditions, the current principles of which are stated below, apply to the protection, confidentiality, processing-use, communications and other matters of information on the WEBSITE.

6.1. Necessary precautions for the security of the information and transactions entered by the BUYER on the WEBSITE have been taken within the system infrastructure of the SELLER, within the scope of today's technical possibilities, according to the nature of the information and transaction. However, since the information in question is entered from the BUYER's device, it is the BUYER's responsibility to take the necessary precautions, including those regarding viruses and similar harmful applications, to ensure that it is protected by the BUYER and cannot be accessed by unrelated persons.

6.2. The information obtained during the BUYER's membership and shopping on the WEBSITE is provided by the SELLER , its current and future subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, successors and/or third parties/organizations determined by them to provide various products/services and all kinds of information, advertising-promotion, For electronic and other commercial-social communications to be made for the purposes of promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and membership applications, it can be recorded indefinitely or for the period to be foreseen by the mentioned ones and their successors, can be stored in printed / magnetic archives, can be updated and shared when deemed necessary. , can be transferred, transferred, used and processed in other ways. These data may also be forwarded to the relevant Authorities and Courts when required by law. BUYER consents and allows the use, sharing, processing of his current and new personal and non-personal information, in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data and electronic commerce legislation, within the scope above, and to make commercial and non-commercial electronic communications and other communications.

6.3. BUYER may stop data use, processing and/or communications at any time by contacting the SELLER through the specified communication channels. According to the BUYER's clear notification on this matter, personal data processing and/or communications to the party are stopped within the legal maximum period; In addition, if he wishes, his information, other than what is legally required and/or possible to be preserved, will be deleted from the data recording system or anonymized so that his identity cannot be determined. If the BUYER wishes, the transactions related to the processing of his personal data, the persons to whom it is transferred, correction of it if it is incomplete or inaccurate, notification of the corrected information to the relevant third parties, deletion or destruction of the data, objection to the emergence of a result against him by analyzing it with automatic systems, objection to the emergence of a result against him, the data being contrary to the law. You can always contact the SELLER through the above communication channels and get information on issues such as compensation in case of loss due to processing. Applications and requests regarding these matters will be fulfilled within the legal maximum periods or may not be accepted after the legal justification is explained to the party.

6.4. Regarding all kinds of information and content of the WEBSITE and their arrangement, revision and partial/full use; According to the SELLER's agreement, except for those belonging to other third parties; All intellectual-industrial rights and property rights belong to the SELLER.

6.5. SELLER reserves the right to make any changes it may deem necessary regarding the above issues; These changes become valid as soon as they are announced by the SELLER on the WEBSITE or other appropriate methods.

6.6. Other sites accessed from the WEBSITE have their own privacy-security policies and terms of use, and the SELLER is not responsible for any disputes that may arise and their negative consequences.


In case of disputes arising from the implementation of this Agreement, Turkish Law applies and Istanbul (Central) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.

This Agreement has been read, accepted and confirmed by the parties electronically. For matters not regulated in this Agreement, the provisions of Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and relevant legislation apply. If the order is placed, the BUYER is deemed to have accepted all the conditions of this contract.